Video Skinning – How To Generate More Revenue With No Sales Letter

Perhaps you have heard about Video Skinning? This is an easy way that Keith Wellman introduced recently for the launching of the new program called Easy Revenue Formula. Even if Easy Revenue Formula is a paid class, Keith actually gave off the Video Skinning method, which is a very easy means to generate money as an affiliate. The principle: you create a movie that substitute the retailer sales letter, and directly drive your traffic to the purchase page. It’s true, you skip the sales letter. Why can you do so, and can it be successful? This article will answer both of these questions.

So why do you skip a retailer’s sales letter?

There are lots of answers. The first an individual could be since the sales letter isn’t converting really nicely. You’ve spent any time marketing and preselling an offer, driving a lot of traffic to just see one sale in your stats then it is possible to take advantage of this method. Secondly, the revenue letter may be converting quite nicely, however why your traffic would need to read again a very long (and you realize you will find very long sales webpages) to learn the very same things you told them on your Pressplay Io Reviews or articles? You could possibly lose earnings as people get tired very fast. People have a brief attention span on the internet, and this technique teaches you how you can do brief videos.

The next reason is that video converts better. That is a simple fact, utilizing video on revenue page is growing more and more popular, and that is certainly the main reason why some entrepreneurs have established their very own course on the topic. Plus, these types of videos are simple to do. You do not even have in the front of the camera! You create a very simple demonstration with successive slides, with applications like PowerPoint, and basically use the elements of the real sales letter. But there are just a few rules about how to do it right, Keith informs everything from the free Easy Revenue Formula training.