The Sales Funnel – It Is Too One-Sided!

I’ve heard over lots of sites, novels, and even television that the conventional sales funnel is lifeless, and has been replaced with a new funnel dependent on the customer purchasing procedure. The problem is, the new funnel has almost the identical fatal flaw as the older funnel…it blows off the other party involved with the buying procedure. It is simply overly spammy.

Have a step back when considering the Funnelspy, and then consider it from the context of these strategy/goals of those executives inside the revenue function. In the end, the Funnelspy is just supposed to function as a tool to assist sales executives reaches their strategy/goals. The strategy for the majority of sales executives is simple: invest in earnings chances that generate profitable, long-term earnings. Broken down this means:

-Differentiate chances by their quality (Pay)

-Sell more

-Sell in a greater elevation

-Produce long term relationships by selling to customers that your company is strategically valuable to

The conventional sales funnel has been created in the mid 1900s in the process engineering standpoint, defining each of the sales activities that have to occur [chronologically] in order for a sale to shut. The funnel has been used to coach salespeople about the actions they had to finish so as to transfer a larger amount of earnings to close in significantly less time (NOTE: this only accomplishes 1/3 of the above mentioned strategy). The measures vary for every company, but in a high level they are: first contact, eligibility, presentation, and shut. The conventional sales-activity funnel created some sense from the mid 1900s, since the seller controlled that the purchasing procedure.

More recently with the proliferation of things such as retail chains, eCommerce, and social media, buyers have obtained complete charge of the buying procedure; selling is currently about fulfilling the purchaser in their conditions and understanding the measures they take through their buying procedure.