Raising Chickens – If You Get Chicks Or Pullets?

The opportunity to receive cows is at the spring. Many people decide to get pullets. Pullets are available at the regional feed store. Pullets are young hens getting ready to put eggs. If you’re in a rush to receive fresh eggs afterward pullets are likely a good selection for you.

Other people decide to have girls. From the spring girls are offered at the regional feed store or you could purchase chicks online from hatcheries such as Murray McMurray. Chicks are typically purchased a couple of months before spring up. What’s good about chick facts on the internet is there’s a big assortment of different chicken breeds out there. If you’re looking blue or green beans you may dictate chicks such as an Americana or even if you would like dark chocolate colored eggs, then order Marans. You may select from full sized hens or even tiny bantams. You may even select if you would like a “straight run” that is both male and females, “men only” that are only that male chicks just, or “females only” and you may just get hens.

When you purchase is set you’ll be given a shipping date. It is crucial you be home one daily. Early that morning you’ll find a telephone call in the post office also will have the ability to listen to “cheeping” from the background. You are going to need to push down to the post office and pick up your own chicks.

I enjoy raising chicks, they’re a bit more work but are actually worth the effort especially in the event that you’ve got young children. It is a fantastic experience.