Makeup Candles – Take A Makeup Swap Party

Any one of you who know me personally, know that I really like a deal and I really like saving money. So finding ways to get amazing, frugal makeup is a subject that always interests me.

Other blog posts have given you hints on locating cost makeup and discount makeup. This guide has other tips for saving money on cosmetica.

Twice per year, a whole lot of my buddies get together and maintain a clothing swap party. Occasionally we deliver accessories, but largely it is focused on clothes, friendship, giggling, clearing out our cabinets, and receiving new clothes also.

In the conclusion, leftover clothing is given to a regional women’s shelter.

It is possible to do something like undesirable makeup.

What should you do when you’ve got a lot of makeup that you is not working for you? You can not donate it to some charity as if you can clothes.

So what exactly do you want for a makeup swap celebration?

Tons of mirrors. You might have everyone bring one along with their undesirable makeup. A major table. Everybody comes in with all the makeup they do not want and can depart with a brand new makeup apparel.

The #1 problem having a makeup swap celebration is maintaining everything sanitary so that you’re not swapping over makeup and forth!

Here are some makeup swap hints:

If a part of these festivities entails giving each other makeovers, every individual playing makeup artist ought to wash their hands.

Have these supplies available or ask individuals to attract them:

* Makeup remover * cotton swabs * palm disinfectant * cotton balls or decorative applicator sponges that are disposable * tissue paper * eyeshadow disposable applicators if you’re able to get them makeup brushes (have everybody bring their own), Together with brush cleaner * makeup pencil sharpeners for small and thick pens