Easy DIY Toilet Renovation Tips

DIY toilet renovation isn’t merely popular; it’s also regarded by most homeowners to be extremely practical. Why? Statistics show that on average, toilet renovation jobs can yield up to 60 percent concerning ROI.

But, DIY toilet design could be challenging. To judge whether it’s something that you can efficiently manage, begin by asking yourself 6 key questions.

Just how much are you prepared to shell out for your job?

What exactly are you seeking to do?

Who will use the restroom?

How long does the family function with no toilet?

Can you think about installing energy efficient products?

Can you require toilet venting?

Remember that in some scenarios, toilet renovation will demand greater than just toilet renovation or locating the best furnishings and fixtures. It’ll involve a lot more and might occupy a substantial quantity of your own time, funds, and energy. But in case you’re prepared to commit, remember the following hints before you begin your toilet renovation or investing in almost any toilet furnishings or fittings:


For most, painting is undoubtedly among the simplest DIY projects to tackle. Not just that, it may also have the most dramatic effect. Believe it or not, a painting job could quickly turn a drab toilet to a fab one. No matter in the event that you go for casual stripes or that daring blue color you’ve always desired, a painting job will make any obsolete toilet seem amazing.

And that’s not all. A painting job may make your toilet look bigger than it really is. Convinced? Jump in Your DIY trousers and make the toilet of your dreams by keeping in mind the next painting suggestions:

* Use light colors

* Verify the wall and tile color complements each other

* Paint wall and the ceiling the Exact Same color

* Use light colors on doors, windows, and mouldings

* Paint an accent or announcement wall (in case you’re feeling adventurous!)


Your toilet can be your very best buddy. But, it may also be your worst enemy. Fortunately, even though a leaky toilet is among the most common toilet issues homeowners experience, it’s also among the easiest to repair.

Normally, there are just two key culprits that could cause a leaking toilet –the flapper and the inlet valve.

In case the issue is that the flapper, eliminate it when the tank is empty. Oftentimes, the issue is secondary to fractures. In accord with this, slide to a brand new flapper, make sure that the seal is tight, and then reintroduce water into the tank to check. A single flush ought to also signal should you’ve fixed this matter.

In the event the matter is a result of the inlet valve, then you’ll have to divide the toilet by the water main. This one may be somewhat complicated and will need a number of tools. Additionally, it may take a few hours. If you don’t understand pipes, this is one job that’s best left in the hands of specialists.

Exhaust Fan

Sometimes, toilets may get foggy and smelly. Luckily, you can stop both from occurring by installing a toilet exhaust fan. Before you tackle this endeavor, you want to be conscious it’s not as straightforward as it appears. But it’s something any ascertained DIYer could accomplish.

When installing a toilet exhaust fan, the next basics must be covered:

* Plan the project

* Pre-wire and mount the enthusiast

* Drill the exit points and then operate the ducts

* Make Sure That the exit paths are finished