A Positive Attitude Is Essential To Successful Outplacement

For the past 47 years that the National Career Development Association has celebrated November as National Career Development Month. This year’s topic is “Find Your Voice – Change Your World” and for people considering a career shift that this could really be the very best time to get started. During this season, career professionals are even more dedicated to assisting people recognize the significance of lifelong career planning, career development and professional growth. This month presents a fantastic chance to rate your current project or career satisfaction, research options, and create strategies which will better prepare you for more satisfying future employment.

Whether you are feeling “stuck” on your current career, “fulfilled, but still researching” or simply considering an outplacement into a lot more, November is the time to start getting your ducks in a row. As the fire department motivates us to look at our smoke detector batteries since the time changes, so if we commit to spending some time every day month researching variables that impact our career choices. One key aspect which affects our career perspective and outlook within our current job scenario is our own mindset. It’s very important to start any career planning actions this month having a positive mindset and to inform yourself that this month is going to be a catalyst for the long-term career satisfaction.

The Conference Board reported lately that workers are growing increasingly unhappy with their jobs. This decrease in job satisfaction cuts across the board together with employees of all ages and across all income levels. The report continues that in 2005, just half of all Americans said that they were happy with their jobs, down 10 percent from ten years before. Actually, the poll indicates that only 14 percent of employees are now “very satisfied” with their own work. This dissatisfaction may result in intense job anxiety which manifests itself frequently in a negative workplace character, whether you need it or not.